On-site Kitchen Concept

“An army moves on it`s stomach.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

There is no substitute for good food to move an army! - If your staff is catered with good food, you can expect, good productivity !

When corporate companies and Industries are looking to give value added facilities to their employees, MERIT HOSPITALITY offers a unique concept of staff catering and management. Our Onsite Kitchen concept offers a different perspective to corporate catering. We can professionally manage your canteen facilities as well as kitchen operations. To this end Merit Hospitality offers comprehensive solutions to meet each clients requirements.

We are of the opinion, that if your staff are catered for beyond the normal “Staff Canteen”, you are then seen as the “Employer of Choice”. This in a nutshell means we as in the kitchen provide on-site catering with a view of dining in an upmarket environment

Advantages of On-Site Kitchen

We already manage a number of canteen operations in some of the biggest canteens in Mumbai. Call us now, we can give you a presentation and plan to manage your comapny canteen too.